Uluru – Northern Territory – Australia

Ayers Rock – 440kms from Alice Springs, Northern Territory

Uluru – A Breathtaking Experience

When people think of Australia, one of the most iconic images of the entire country is Ayers Rock or to give it its real name, Uluru.

This rock is situated in the Northern Territory and even though it is some 440kms from Alice Springs, not visiting it during a trip to Australia is much the same as not visiting the Pyramids if you are in Egypt.

The rock itself is made of sandstone and it stands 1,142ft high, which equates to 348m. Its entire circumference is 9.4km or 5.8 miles and it does stand out all on its own in this area hence it being referred to by some people as an island mountain. One other thing that people do tend to notice about it other than its sheer size is its apparent ability to change color throughout the day from orange through to red and various shades in between.

Uluru itself is part of the Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park and to get there you do have various options available to you. The first is of course to drive from Alice Springs and this can be done in around five hours and you will see some spectacular scenes. An alternative is to fly there as airlines such as Qantas and Virgin Blue run services between Alice Springs and a small airport at Yulara with a bus service then able to take you to the nearby Ayers Rock Resort. A third option is to go on a touring holiday and there are a number of companies that offer various packages throughout the year.

In order to fully appreciate Uluru you really should see it at different times during the day.Β The park does close in the evening, so it is recommended that you spend the night at the Ayers Rock Resort which is situated just outside the National Park. There are various types of accommodation available here from camping to premium hotels along with a series of restaurants and shops to help you spend some time as well as some of your money.

The best way to experience the park is to first of all visit the Cultural Centre as this will tell you all about what the area means and how it was formed. This sets you up perfectly for then going on a guided tour with a qualified ranger. The walk by the ranger takes under two hours and in doing so you will also encounter the ancient rock art inside the caves of Uluru with the ranger able to tell you all about symbolism attached to what you see before you. If you like learning about places, then this is one option that you really must take.

So when visiting Australia do make sure that you include a trip to the Northern Territory and visit Uluru and the National Park as it will leave you with memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Photographs simply do not do it justice and only by going there in person will you understand the aura that surrounds it and understand just why it has been such a special place for the Aborigines for over 20,000 years.

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