Whitsundays, Queensland – Australia

Tropical Islands located just off the coast of Queensland, Australia.

The Whitsundays, paradise in Australia

The Whitsundays are a group of tropical islands located just off the coast of Queensland, Australia. Although many of the Whitsundays 74 islands are uninhabited, a few of the islands are home to some of Australia’s most luxurious resorts. These resorts are incredibly popular with couples and honeymooners looking for a romantic escape.

Soft white sandy beaches and crystal clear water.

Arguably the Whitsundays biggest draw card is its natural beauty. The Whitsunday islands boast deserted soft white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. You’ll never have to jostle for space to put your towel down. For the ultimate beach vacation you can’t beat the Whitsundays.

If you enjoy water sports the Whitsundays resorts have you covered. At most resorts guests are able to choose from a wide selection of water sports including jet skiing, canoeing, windsurfing, snorkelling, water skiing and surfing.

Charter a private yacht or book a boat trip

For those who prefer a more leisurely vacation perhaps consider chartering a private yacht or booking a boat trip. Day trips are extremely popular as they allow passengers the opportunity to view several of the Whitsundays stunning islands. If you’re lucky you may even get to set foot upon a deserted island.

For those who are keen to learn a new skill there are also companies willing to teach passengers how to sail. If you’re adventurous and want a bird’s eye view of the Whitsundays also consider booking a helicopter tour over the islands. The view of the Whitsundays will be one to remember, as within the Whitsundays is the world famous Great Barrier Reef.

Visit the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

If you make the trip to the Whitsundays, be sure not to leave without spending a day at the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. This World Heritage Site is one of the world’s best snorkelling and diving spot. The best way to explore the park is by boat trip. If you book a boat trip you’ll be shown the parks best spots by qualified diving instructors.

Golf, Horse riding, hiking, bowling and fishing

It’s unlikely but if you do tire of the sea, the Whitsundays also offer a variety of land activities. Several of the islands boast their own 18 hole golf courses. Other land activities on offer include horse riding, hiking, bowling and fishing. If you’re feeling particularly brave you can even book a crocodile safari!

Spoil yourself with a Full body massage and facial!

The Whitsundays is also the perfect place to be pampered, so why not treat yourself to a day at one of the popular spas? The Whitsunday spas are world class and offer every luxurious treatment imaginable. If you can afford it, why not splash out on a relaxing full body massage and facial?

World Class Restaurants

If you’re a foodie you’ll also be spoilt for choice as the Whitsundays resorts boast a multitude of restaurants, staffed by world renown chefs from across the globe. If you’re a fan of seafood do make sure to try some of the Whitsundays succulent fare as it’s offered on most menus.

So whether you’re looking to book the perfect romantic vacation or some time to yourself, seriously consider staying a week or two in the Whitsundays. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

The Whitsundays is definitely Australia’s version of paradise on Earth!

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