Aussie Easter Traditions

There are many traditions around Easter. Many of these traditions are based on Christianity beliefs and the events from many years ago while others have begun as the result of the commercialisation of Easter.

Probably the most common tradition is the arrival of the Easter Bunny, who leaves Easter eggs around the house or at the local park. Children of all ages enjoy going on the annual Easter egg hunt. Many children design their own Easter basket in the lead up to Easter so that they can collect the eggs in something they have made.

Variations of how Easter is celebrated will depend on the family and their own traditions and cultural background.

Easter Customs and Traditions Celebrated Around the World

EasterCandles – are burned through many Easter celebrations with candles often put out on Good Friday when Jesus died and re-lit on Easter Sunday when Jesus rises.

EasterEaster Festivals – Many Easter Festivals are held around the world.

EasterEaster Egg Decoration – Decorating Easter eggs – Families enjoy Decorating Easter eggs at Easter time.

EasterExchanging Easter eggs – Once an egg has been decorated people will often exchange them or give them as gifts to their friends and lovers.

EasterEaster Egg huntsEaster egg hunts are very popular in many countries.

EasterEaster plays – Many churches, schools and associated groups practise and perform plays about the Easter story.

EasterFeasts – Easter Sunday is a feast day. While children love the chocolate eggs and bunnies, many families have a cooked lunch.

EasterEaster Parades – Easter parades are common in many European countries. New York City holds one of the larger parades, down Fifth avenue, following Easter services.

EasterBonFires – Once again in Europe, huge bonfires are lit on hilltops and in churchyards on Easter Eve.

EasterHot Cross Buns – Everyone enjoys eating Hot Cross Buns, especially on Good Friday.

EasterEaster Bunny – The story goes that if children were good, the Easter bunny would lay coloured eggs for them in a nest.

EasterEaster Baskets – Originally children would leave out their hat or bonnet for the Easter bunny to leave eggs for them. Children enjoy collecting eggs in a basket on Easter Sunday.

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