Rottnest Island, Western Australia – Australia

Small Island Located off the Western Australian Coast

Enjoy Rottnest Island to the Fullest

Rottnest Island, Western Australia is a small island located off the Western Australian coast. Every year, almost half a million tourists come and explore Rottnest Island.

Once you arrive at Rottnest Island, there are tons of different fun activities to get involved in. Here are just a couple of the activities available:


If you love being up close and personal with sea wildlife, you will love snorkelling off the coast of Rottnest Island. As you explore the waters around the island, you will be able to see lots of colorful tropical fish, seagrass meadows, and underwater limestone caves. Rottnest Island really is a snorkeler’s paradise. Come prepared to enjoy snorkelling at a level you haven’t experienced before. There’s more underwater scenery than you will possibly be able to view in one trip.


If you love relaxing and exercising on your vacations, you will love touring Rottnest Island on a bicycle. A number of different companies rent out bikes to tourists. Rottnest Island has over 50 kilometers of road, so you won’t have to worry about running out of new things to see while your bicycling around. Too many people resign themselves to gaining weight over their vacations. Spend some time cycling on Rottnest Island, and you probably won’t have to worry about this happening to you.


Rottnest Island boasts a nine-hole public golf course. If you love golfing and want to be able to enjoy it in excellent weather, Rottnest Island is a great vacation site for you. The golf course has both a swamp and a lake, so expect to challenge your golfing skills to the fullest. As an added bonus, green fees are relatively low, and the course is open year-round.


Rottnest Island has some of the best beaches in Australia. If your idea of a great vacation is lounging on a beautiful beach getting a suntan, you will enjoy spending time on Rottnest Island. Ricey Beach is a particularly popular beach on Rottnest Island, but there are many others. You can go from beach to beach or spend most of your vacation time hanging out at one beach. If you get tired of sunbathing, you can go for a walk along many of Rottnest Island’s bays. Salmon Bay, Stark Bay, and most of Rottnest Island’s other bays contain a lot of beautiful scenery.

Eating at Great Restaurants

There’s no shortage of top restaurants representing a variety of different cuisines on Rottnest Island. You are especially in luck if you love seafood or dining in restaurants with great views. Is a sports bar more to your taste? Rottnest Island has several comfortable sports bars where you can relax and enjoy your holiday with a couple drinks.

Rottnest Island, Western Australia attracts a huge number of tourists every year for a reason: Few holiday destinations can compete with it when it comes to the variety of activities available and the beautiful scenery. If you want your next vacation to be excellent, consider enjoying it on Rottnest Island. Rottnest Island really does have something for almost everyone.

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