🏏 Boxing Day Test

🏏 Boxing Day Test 2021

The 2021 Boxing Day Test will see traditional rivals Australia and England go head to head in the 4th Ashes cricket test.


Australia’s love for the Boxing Day Cricket Test

Many countries celebrate Boxing Day, the very day next to Christmas Day, by organising sporting events. Australia is no exception to this tradition. Every year, the outdoor loving public flock to the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) to witness what is traditionally known as the Boxing Day Test, played between Australia and the current touring team.

History of Boxing Day Test

The first time a test match was played in Australia on the Boxing Day was in 1950 when the host nation pitted themselves against arch rivals England as part of the Ashes tour. Even before that, for many years, the match between Victoria and New South Wales cricket team included Boxing Day as one of the playing days.

The tradition abruptly stopped in 1953 and up to 1967, Boxing Day remained a non-playing day. The revival of the Boxing Day test tradition came alive during the 1974 Ashes series. The third test match between the hosts and England began on December 26, marking the beginning of the modern day Boxing Day celebrations. Since then, every year, Australia plays a Boxing Day Test against the team currently touring the country. Also, the Ashes series, which is played every four years, features a test beginning on the day.

Why do Australians Love Boxing Day Test?

The Australians’ love for the Boxing Day Test goes beyond the fact that they love cricket.

Boxing Day Cricket Test

They also love the outdoors and the sunny, warm weather and the Boxing Day Test provides them with the opportunity to watch an entertaining cricket match whilst sipping their favourite drink.

Most importantly, the holiday season and the traditional feelings attached to the match are also attracting factors.

Past results of Boxing Day Test

β€’ 2020- Β IndiaΒ won by 8 wickets
β€’ 2019- Australia won by 247 runs
β€’ 2018- India won by 137 runs
β€’ 2017- England Draw
β€’ 2016- Australia beat Pakistan by an innings and 18 runs
β€’ 2015- Australia beat West Indies by 177 runs
β€’ 2014- While Australia dominated, the end result was a draw
β€’ 2013- Australia beat England 8 wickets
β€’ 2012- Australia beat Sri Lanka by an innings and 201 runs.
β€’ 2011- Australia beat India by 122 runs
β€’ 2010- England shocked Australia and won by an Inning and 157 runs.
β€’ 2009- Australia beat Pakistan by 170 runs.
β€’ 2008- South Africa beat Australia by 9 wickets.
β€’ 2007- Australia beat India by 337 runs.
β€’ 2006- Australia beat England by an innings and 99 runs.
β€’ 2005- Australia beat South Africa by 184 runs.
β€’ 2004- Australia beat Pakistan by 9 wickets
β€’ 2003- Australia beat India by 9 wickets.
β€’ 2002- Australia beat England by 5 wickets.
β€’ 2001- Australia beat South Africa by 9 wickets.
β€’ 2000- Australia beat West Indies by 352 runs.

Facts and Controversies from the Past

β€’ The only One Day International match played on a Boxing Day was in the year 1989 between Australia and Sri Lanka.

β€’ The 1995 test match against Sri Lanka sparked a huge controversy when umpire Darrel Hair called the Sri Lankan spinner Muttiah Muralitharan seven times for throwing.

β€’ Shane Warne claimed his 700th wicket and the world record in the Boxing Day Test against England in 2006.

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