Port Arthur, Tasmania – Australia

Port Arthur is a small townย on the Tasman Peninsula in Australia

Why You Should Visit Port Arthur, Tasmania

One of the most important things about traveling and vacationing is picking the location. The ideal location for a fantastic vacation is one that is scenic, has a lot of history and has many different things to do. Coming away from a vacation, not only completely relaxed and rejuvenated, but also with a richer sense of historical awareness about the place that they had visited, is vital.

Port Arthur, Tasmania is a perfect option that fulfills all of these criteria. It’s location is a small town on the Tasman Peninsula in Australia. It has a significantly rich history, and as such is deemed one of the most prominent heritage areas and has an amazing, state of the art open air museum.

The establishment was originally built during the 18th and 19th century within the British Empire. It is known as the best examples of how convict transportation took place on a large scale during the colonial expansion of Europe. Port Arthur is easily Tasmania’s most popular tourist attraction and many link that fact to its historical relevancy and gorgeous views. Another amazing thing about Port Arthur, Tasmania is that the structural and architectural magnitude of the buildings are stunning. They remain almost exactly how they were first build with only minor revisions and corrections done. This place was much more than a prison however, as you walk through the grounds you will be struck by the personal stories of the soldiers, convicts and free settlers that are told with alarming historical accuracy.

Not only was Port Arthur, Tasmania a huge part of the colonial system of convict discipline, it was also one of the first establishments and places that dealt head on with issues and problems that arose from crime. Not just that, but also the ways in which people who committed crimes should be punished. What is symbolic about this is the fact that many societies are still dealing with similar issues in this day and age. Seeing some of this in a historical context will definitely bring a sense of symmetry and parallels can be seen throughout. This can be used as not only a history tool but also as a means of reflection for all those on the trip. Not only will you be learning, but you can use the stories and facts that are told to draw comparisons with present day issues and topics.

A great thing about Port Arthur, Tasmania is that many of the buildings are still standing in their true form, some have had to be touched up and some have since been destroyed but many are still in a working condition. Buildings like the old church, hospital and penitentiary are all still standing in some form from when they were first functional and operational back in the 1800s. This has such an amazing historical relevance and impact that many people are really moved when they see the structures up close. For all of these reasons listed above, Port Arthur, Tasmania is one of the best locations for a destination vacation in Australia. You will see amazing sights, learn fascinating facts and also manage to have a different perspective coming away from the experience. Plan to visit this amazing location today.

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