Great Ocean Road, Victoria – Australia

South West Coast of Victoria

Driving the Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Australia is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque places in the world, and if you happen to be in the country you should not give the Great Ocean Road, Victoria a miss. The Great Ocean Road lies on the South West Coast of Victoria; with Melbourne flanked to its West. The road was built as a memorial; in honor of the brave hearts that put down their lives in World War I. It is roughly 160 miles (258 kilometers) long and the entire stretch offers breathtakingly beautiful and magnificent views of the coast and forests. The azure waters, the rugged cliff tops and the rain forest through which the road passes are a sight to behold.

The road begins at a place called Torquay, just South of Geelong and is dotted with small towns, that have quaint buildings and long stretches of virgin isolated beaches that provide a stunning landscape. Lorne is one such town that falls on this stretch. It is a typical small town of Victoria and a major tourist attraction. The town is located in the midst of a beautiful setting. The Erskine River flows though one side of the town and it is bounded by the ocean and forests on the other.

You can have a stopover at Bells Estate Great Ocean Cottages, a calm and serene place that allows you to be one with nature. There are a lot of wineries in this area, which you can explore; enjoy a bottle of wine, do some wine tasting and buy some to take back home. The place caters for tourists and has good restaurants and cafes. A little distance is Cape Bridgewater another destination that can be visited. Here you can enjoy the ocean and the beach. A slight detour will take you to Mt. Eccles National Park, Discovery Bay Coast Park and Glenelg National Park.

Apollo Bay lies further down the stretch with a view point overlooking the bay. The Seafarers Getaway at Apollo Bay is a great place to dine, with some of the best restaurants serving the best food.

The winding road then passes through the Otway National Park. It is a rainforest which like all wildlife reserves, is filled with a surreal feel. The air is fresh and the place is filled with sounds of silence. If you have lived all your life in a concrete jungle, this place will amaze you. The rainforest is beautiful, with massive trees standing tall on either side of the road. The road continues to traverse through forest areas and the coast that continue to show off their spectacular beauty.

As you keep driving, you will come to a place called Shipwreck Coast; famous for the rock formations called The Twelve Apostles. This location is one of the most photographed locations in Australia and draws thousands of visitors. The Twelve Apostles are a natural formation consisting of eight huge rock pillars, carved by the sea and the wind. They jut out from the sea standing regally, with the waters of the ocean lapping at them.

Port Campbell lies a little distance ahead where you can see the remains of the London Bridge formation. The natural formation was destroyed due to erosion; but parts of the rock formation still remain. The Great Ocean Road continues passing through Warrnambool, before finally ending at Port Fairy.

The Great Ocean Road, Victoria must be on every tourist’s itinerary while visiting Australia. It allows you to take pleasure in the natural beauty of Australia and enjoy the best wine and food the country has to offer. The place will not disappoint you.

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