AFL Grand Final Day 2016

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THE 2015 AFL Grand Final was played on Saturday 3 October 2015.
Friday 2 October 2015 is a Public Holiday in VICTORIA

Hawthorn wins again in 2015

Hawthorn played the West Coast Eagles in the 2015 AFL Grand Final and won.

Hawks win the 2014 AFL Grand Final

The 2014 AFL Grand Final was played on Saturday 27th September 2014 with Hawthorn winning against the Sydney Swans.

The 2014 AFL season was played over 25 weeks and will start in the middle of March with an opening round that was spread over 2 weeks.

The season will remain at 22 rounds with a second bye introduced for every club in 2014.

The first of the two byes will occur between rounds 8 and 10, while the second bye will take place in rounds 18 and 19.

The finals will be played by the top 8 teams again in 2015.

The AFL Grand Final

The AFL Grand Final takes place at the end of each Australian Football League season. The event is normally held on the last Saturday in September each year and occasionally on the first Saturday in October. The game and associated entertainment is held in Melbourne, Australia at Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). The main objective of the AFL Grand Final is to determine the champion club for that year in the Australian Football League.

Today, the AFL Grand Final plays a vital role in Australia’s sporting culture. The event remains as the most significant on the Australian sports calendar. It has the leading overall interest and television audience in the country and also pulls one of the largest attendance figures for a sporting event each year. The winner of the AFL Grand Final receives a large premiership trophy and a premiership flag which is normally unveiled at the Club’s first home game in he following season.

History of the AFL

In 1896, eight foundations football clubs namely South Melbourne, St Kilda, Melbourne, Geelong, Fitzroy, Essendon, Collingwood and Carlton established the Victorian Football League. However, they started playing their first league games the following year. Two other clubs namely University and Richmond joined the league in 1908. For University, this was short lived because it left the competition in 1914. Nonetheless, the league attracted North Melbourne, Hawthorn and Western Bulldogs in 1925.

It was only after the 1987 season that two other teams namely Brisbane Bears and West Coast Eagles would join the league. Other clubs that joined the league included Adelaide, Fremantle and Port Adelaide in 1991, 1995 and 1997 respectively. Brisbane Bears and Fitzroy merged in 1996 and gave birth to the Brisbane Lions. The Victorian Football League was renamed the Australian Football League after the 1990 season to become a truly national league.

Past AFL Grand Final Winners

The past winners of the AFL Grand Final includes Hawthorn in 2013, Sydney in 2012, Geelong in 2011, Collingwood in 2010, Geelong in 2009, Hawthorn in 2008, Geelong in 2007, West Coast in 2006, Sydney in 2005, Port Adelaide in 2004 and Brisbane in 2003, 2002 and 2001 seasons.

Each year, the much-awaited grand final attracts huge audience at the MCG and on television. There were more than 100,000 people who attended the 2013 AFL Grand Final which made it one of the most highly attended sporting events in the world in 2013.

Grand Final Day

A Grand Final parade is held in the week preceding the Grand Final to help celebrate the event and the players and coaches. This traditional parade brings the two competing teams together and is held on the Friday ahead of each AFL Grand Final. The parade is held at the city centre of Melbourne attracting thousands of fans.

There is always pre-match entertainment before the game that involves local and international entertainers. The Club song of each team participating in the grand final is played during this pre-match entertainment event as the teams run onto the ground.

There is also a sprint organized during the match day. This involves a number of selected players who are not participating in the finals and can run very fast.

Grand Final parties and bbq’s are held throughout homes and pubs in all states of Australia. Fans of AFL also hold private parties all over the world on Grand Final day. People gather around and enjoy watching their team on big tvs and screens. For many supporters the AFL Grand Final brings out strong emotions as they cheer their team on.

About the game of Australian Football

A game of footy consists of four quarters and continues for nearly two hours. Two opposing teams ( 22 players with 18 from each team on the field at any one time ) try and kick as many goals as possible.

A goal is scored when the football is kicked through the tall, inner posts (the goalposts) and is worth six points.

If the football goes between a goalpost and either of the shorter outer posts (the behind posts), a behind is scored and one point is added to that team’s tally.

The winning team is the one with the biggest points score.

Grand Final Parties and BBQ’s

For something a bit different try serving all your favorite party food for your guests arranged on platters and keep it coming throughout the game. Decorate your party area with your teams colors – balloons, streamers and banners.

Food Ideas for Grand Final Day Parties

Serve the following heated up with bowls of tomato sauce:

Party Pies and Sausage Rolls
If you are taking it to the party then heat them up in the oven, line an ice cream container with a few layers of paper towel and place the piping hot sausage and party pies inside in layers. Put the pie filled container in an insulated bag and they will remain hot for a few hours.

Cocktail Frankfurts (or Hot Dogs cut up)
For taking to a party – Heat and transport in a thermos with boiling water. Carefully drain the hot water from the thermos when you are ready to serve and you will have nice hot hot dogs!.

Chicken Nuggets, Quiche’s, Mini Dim Sims
and at half time treat everyone to some Scones and Jam and Cream!

Prawns on the Barbie

Prawns are delicious cooked on the barbecue – either whole in their shells or shelled and threaded onto skewers (like in the picture)

Lemon juice and olive oil drizzled over them, then served with mayonnaise is yummy.