Halloween 2018

Wednesday 31 October 2018

About Halloween in Australia

Halloween is not a public holiday in Australia but a celebration that is becoming more and more popular. While Halloween has been celebrated in America and the United Kingdom for many years the celebration of Halloween in Australia is something relatively new. Children gather together with groups of friends and dress up and have Halloween parties and share scary stories and watch horror movies. They dress up in costumes and knock on their neighbors doors and yell, ” Trick or Treat” when the door opens. If they are lucky and the owner of the house is prepared with halloween treats and lollies are then given to the children.

How to Carve and Hollow Out a Pumpkin For Halloween

Food plays an important role when it comes to some traditions such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and many more. Halloween is one of those times, not so much for consuming certain types of food, but certainly for the use of one specific type in particular. Halloween night just would not be the same without the great pumpkin carvings and creations that people create. Jack-o-Lanterns are really neat, but wouldn’t you like to know how it is done?
First and foremost, any pumpkin carving should only be carried out by a capable and responsible adult. The youngsters can join in with the hollowing out process, but the rest must be done by an adult.

When choosing your pumpkin be sure and select one that is firm and not soft or on the turn, try and get it as big as possible, but not too big to carry. Bigger pumpkins just look better when they glow by having a candle or tea light light placed in them. It is always a good idea to get a couple of small ones as well so you can practise your pumpkin carving techniques on first.

Once you have the pumpkin of choice you might want to give it a bit of a clean taking care not over-do it or damage, it is not important to go too mad at this point as you will clean it again once it has been carved out.

At this point you will want to be choosing a pumpkin face design, you can use books or even look on the Internet for inspiration or you may already have a clear picture in your head. Once you have a design you will want to either reproduce it by drawing it on a piece of paper or printing it on a printer.

Now this is where the adult part comes in, using a very sharp knife or modeling knife carefully slice the top of the pumpkin off (making sure it is enough so that you will be able to easily fit your hand inside it once it has been hollowed out), but do not throw the top away.

The children can now participate by helping to hollow out the pumpkin either by the use of their hands or a spoon (there are many uses for the seeds etc so there is no need to throw them away the pumpkins interior is extremely good for many healthy aspects of the body as they contain zinc, protein, as well as other vitamins, it is even said that it can lower cholesterol). Great, a scary Halloween head carved from a food source not only without any waste, but also added health benefits thrown in. Not bad at all.

Another idea is to have a look on the Internet for recipes’ such as roast pumpkin or pumpkin pie and many more. The seeds are a great source of magnesium and phosphorus.

As we continue you will now no doubt want to wipe it down again once the entire contents have been removed. By using a felt tip pen sketch the chosen Halloween face on by copying it from your sketch, drawing or print-out.

Once again take the sharp knife or a modeling knife slowly cut out the shapes that make up the face, once you have completely cut out the face and are happy with your design, wipe down again. At this point you can now place the pumpkin where you intend it to stand.

Lift the lid off and place a tea-light type candle inside and light it. Place the top back on and dim the lights. You should now have a perfect professional looking Halloween jack-o-lantern that you should be proud of.

Halloween Pumpkins Make Great Photographs When Glowing

Some impressive effects can be achieved by placing photographs of your jack-o-lantern (hollowed out pumpkin) glowing around the house.

To get good photograph results you want to take the pictures without a flash and on a high ISO setting. Also you will want to have a candle lit inside and the main lights on dim. If need-be light two additional candles and place them each side of the jack-o-lantern, but out of shot, this should give additional light as well as atmosphere to the pictures.

There are so many different Halloween Pumpkin ideas and themes, so to create the right atmosphere for your celebrations be sure and research all your options.

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