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Easter 2015
Friday 3 April 2015 - Monday 6 April 2015

Easter Holidays

Find Easter Festivals and Easter Gifts in Australia

In Australia there is a public holiday on Good Friday and Easter Monday

This enables families with the time to have fun together, do family activities and travel away on holidays. On Good Friday, every shop is closed and it is the only day of the year that newspapers are unavailable.

Visit the Achieve Easter Success Website for Easter Gifts and Festival Information.

Easter Holiday Dates 2015

Good Friday
Easter Saturday
Easter Sunday
Easter Monday
Easter Tuesday (TAS)

Friday 3 April 2015 
Saturday 4 April 2015
Sunday 5 April 2015
Monday 6 April 2015
Tuesday 7 April 2015

Achieve Easter Success
Easter Gift Ideas, Tips and Information for the whole family
Easter Festivals
Easter Festivals in Australia
Locate festivals held thoughout the Easter break near you.
Easter Gift Ideas Easter Gift Ideas
A selection of the top quality online sources for finding special Easter Gifts for your friends and family.
Holiday Project Ideas

Holiday Project Ideas
If you are not going away this Easter now is a great time to start planning some projects.

How to Save Money on Planning and Booking Easter Holidays

When money is tight its tempting to think about cutting back on holidays, sometimes eliminating them completely.  That's always a personal decision; however it is not always necessary.  There are many ways that you can still have that relaxing adventure without spending too much money.

The Internet has made it easier than ever to find great deals on holidays and trips. With a little research using online resources, you can reduce by 20% or more your cost for air travel, a cruise, a hotel, meals, and more.

One simple way to get a huge reduction is to travel during the 'off season'. ( Before or after the Easter break)  This is the time of year when fewer people take holidays.  It generally runs from late November to early March for trips in the Northern Hemisphere and when school terms are operating in Australia.

If you dont mind the cold, travelling to the northern hemisphere between November and March, can not only be cheaper but actually have fascinating new sights. If you prefer a warmer climate, you can still travel to Greece, Spain, and many other parts of the globe and still get a cheaper price on airfare and accommodations.

Holidays in Australia are cheaper during school terms.  School holidays are a peak time for vacations and prices can double.

Apart from timing your trip, there are other creative ways to reduce holiday expenses and still enjoy yourself.

Keep an eye out for less popular destinations.  There are dozens of lesser-known spots around Australia and the world that offer hotel and other expenses at a discount to attract tourists.  Instead of a trip to Sydney where hotels run $200 a night or more, you can see lots of interesting things in many of the smaller towns. 

Do some research, be flexible, and look for both times and places that are not those that most people choose.  Supply and demand can work in your favour to save big on a big holiday.  Then, when you come home, you'll still have money left over for those short, local trips.

Secrets to Saving Money
How to save money around the home, shopping for gifts and every day expenses

Cash Flow vs Capital Gain
Find out which one to choose when investing in property - Read more...

What to do if your not going away on a holiday this Easter

The Easter Holiday break is just around the corner. If you are not going away for the break then it is a great time to start planning on what you can do over the long weekend.

Here are some ideas across a broad range of topics ( from simple to a bit more involved ) to get you going!



Holidays Around the World: Celebrate Easter:
With Colored Eggs, Flowers, and Prayer (Holidays Around the World)

"Celebrate Easter" continues the spectacular "Holidays Around the World" series by looking at Easter celebrations all over the world. "Celebrate Easter" focuses on historical and cultural aspects of the holiday: traditions, food, and types of celebration. Iincludes fun facts; a recipe; a map showing the locations of the photographs in the book; a resource list of books, videos, and Web sites
"Celebrate Easter" shows a range of celebrations of the holiest day in the Christian calendar. Traditional Easter dances in Africa, Easter feasts in Australia, and Easter egg dying in many locations are all rich observances of a holiday celebrated all over the world.
Fair Dinkum Aussie Easter
There are so many truly Aussie Easter activities, from going on holiday with the family to giving and receiving Easter eggs to hot cross buns and Easter hat parades! This book is a celebration of the Australian Easter experience with songs for all the family to enjoy. Colin Buchanan's often humorous lyrics are sung to original compositions as well as to such favourite tunes as 'Click Go the Shears', 'Little Peter Rabbit' and 'Advance Australia Fair'.

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