Christmas Day

Tuesday 25 December 2018

Christmas in Australia

Christmas GiftsChristmas Day is one of the most exciting days each year for young children, teenagers and adults.

In Australia, it is a day where families come together to celebrate Christmas, provide each other with gifts and eat a lovely Christmas lunch or dinner.

For many, Christmas Day is the beginning of the holiday season in Australia and families continue the celebrations and have a holiday for a week or two during these summer months.


Top Gifts for 2018

  • Game Consoles
  • Drones
  • Tablets
  • Wearable Technology (ex: FitBit)
  • Retro Toys including Ouija, Barbie Dream House, and My Little Pony
  • Warm Weather Gear
  • Active Wear

Christmas Shopping Online – Gift Ideas
By Gary Barclay
Shopping online for Christmas presents and gifts is more popular than ever. The internet now offers everyone with the opportunity to safely buy Christmas gifts of any type from the safety and ease of your own home or place of work.

So what do you buy for your family and friends this Christmas? If you use the internet, the choices are endless.

Hampers and Baskets are becoming more popular every year and the range is improving all the time. You can get baskets including beer, wine, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, chocolates of any kind, fruits and endless other combinations.

Adventure Activities are not for everyone but if you are looking to give a special present that will never be forgotten, try a hot air balloon ride or ride in a V8 racing car. For those looking for the adventure of a lifetime try diving with sharks and for the romantic go on a special winery tour or a sailing cruise. There is something for everyone and companies that specialise in adventure activities can be found on the internet.

Indulgent Gifts can be purchased for that someone special. Massage chairs are very popular or just buy your partner or friend a hammock so they can lay outside in the sun. Large screen TV projectors are very popular or really indulge yourself and organise a trip to the South Pole!.

Corporate Gifts are popular now and many internet websites specialise in supplying corporate gifts at Christmas time. From pewter mugs and the gold watch to quirky gifts that bring a laugh from all the team, there is something for everyone.

Electronic Gifts Game Consoles, Tablets, Wearable Technology (ex: FitBit) Home theatres, smartphones and hand held devices, iPhones, iPads will be very popular this Christmas. Also popular will be digital cameras, digital photo frames, mp3 and mp4 players as well as GPS navigation systems and mobile phones.

Gifts For Men can vary from socks and jocks, belts and ties to adventure trips or bottles of wine. Men also like to receive BBQ or fishing gear, sunnies and personalised bottles of beer.

Gifts For Women can vary too, from perfume and lingerie to chocolates and flowers there is something for every woman at Christmas time. Other suggestions are buying the love of your life some beautiful clothes or jewellery.

Gifts for Children can be easy to buy over the internet and with such a competitive market you can get some great bargains. It is often difficult for parents to go Christmas shopping as many have at least one child in tow. Shopping for Christmas presents online solves all these problems. There are a number specific stores that sell children’s gifts online.

The more popular gifts this Christmas include anything to do with Harry Potter, electronic games and toys as well as a range of books by many featured writers.

Gifts For Babies include baby hampers and small toys, wooden puzzles, educational videos, songs on CD’s and designer label clothes which will all be popular this Christmas. Baby blankets, bibs, albums and photo frames will all be in demand as Christmas gifts.

Gifts For Pets are important to many people and there are now stores online who specialise in gifts for dogs, cats, goldfish, horses and many other animals.

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